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The podcast for the woman needing inspiration, motivation and empowerment as she steps into her purpose and power.

Jan 29, 2021

This podcast has been a true labor of love. Our desire is for you to walk away empowered, inspired and motivated to take action into creating the life you have always desired: a life where you are free and happy, living life on your terms.  Join us weekly to connect with guest speakers on various topics from self-care, overcoming adversity, following your passion, goal setting, empowerment, getting unstuck, and so much more.

In today's episode we meet Ebony Nicole Smith, known as The Writing Coach & Publishing Engineer. A woman not afraid to step outside the box, has been creating her own path and is living her best life. When it comes to Ebony, there actually isn't a box. She is not afraid to speak loudly and boldly about her Heavenly Father and giving Him all the glory. 

To connect with Ebony:

Her website is:

Her IG is: @coachebonynicole

Her FB is: @coachebonynicole

The books mentioned:

Are You Ready for the Yes? by Audria Richmond

Uncloned by Audria Richmond


To connect with me: