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The podcast for the woman needing inspiration, motivation and empowerment as she steps into her purpose and power.

Feb 26, 2021

In today's episode we meet Ajoua, known as AJ. AJ is a woman on the move! Travel is her love language. AJ is the owner and operator of AJ Excursions, a full service travel agency.

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Hello and Welcome to the Fearless Fridays...

Feb 19, 2021

In today's episode we meet Stacey D. Shaw. Stacey is a mother, real estate professional, entrepreneur, author and domestic violence survivor. Her experience has led her to create the Destined To Be Free organization - a DV organization focusing on educating people on all things DV.

Hello and Welcome to the Fearless...

Feb 12, 2021

In today's episode we meet Natalie Purdie. Natalie is a mother, entrepreneur and a domestic violence advocate and survivor. Because of what happened to Natalie as a teenager, her passion is focused around teenagers. Natalie is also an author and mother.

If you have experienced or are experiencing DV, please...

Feb 5, 2021

This podcast has been a true labor of love. Our desire is for you to walk away empowered, inspired and motivated to take action into creating the life you have always desired: a life where you are free and happy, living life on your terms.  Join us weekly to connect with guest speakers on various topics from...